How many Medical Tourism companies do you know that practice what they preach?

Eight years ago Richard Krug discovered he had Type 2 Diabetes. After many years  of living with Diabetes, and his investigation of treatment for his own Type 2 diabetes, he decided to do the  surgical treatment using one of the doctors he recommends. Now he lives a healthy life, with said, and his long-time experience in Costa Rica’s sportfishing/travel industry led him to start Americana WellcareCR, a  medical tourism business.

About Americana WellCareCR

Americana WellCareCR associates Richard Krug and Mark Sydney are both long-time residents of San José, Costa Rica — 32 and 25 years respectively — who have been successful entrepreneurs in several business ventures, among others the Costa Rica tourist and sportfishing industries. This has given both of them a unique knowledge of Costa Rica and the attractions it offers. When you call Americana WellCareCR, the person answering the phone won’t be someone filling a chair in an anonymous call center. It will be either Richard or Mark, who will introduce you to and walk you through all the steps of Costa Rica medical tourism.


Following a 10-year career in the construction industry and as a private homebuilder in the San Diego area, Richard Krug settled in Costa Rica 32 years ago. He initially became involved in the commercial export of seafood from Costa Rica to the United States and then set up a sportfishing/tourism desk at the Hotel Del Rey in San José 15 years ago. His companies Americana Sportfishing and Fish Costa Rica have been among Costa Rica’s most successful and best-regarded providers of fishing trips, complete fishing vacations and fishing packages in the country.

Richard Krug entered the real estate market first as a broker and now as an owner and developer. Aside from owning ocean view land in the rapidly growing Playa Hermosa/Jacó area of Costa Rica, he is co-owner and co-developer of the 62-acre Lomas Coronado project on the South Pacific coast, plus the very successful Americana Real Estate marketing company.


After graduating from the University of Toronto, Canada, in 1968 and working for a labor publication in the city, Mark Sydney was seconded to a division of the International Labor Organization in Geneva, Switzerland, where he did research; worked on publications and translations; and organized conferences, conference documentation and conference translations around the world.

Over almost 20 years, he had the opportunity to visit 130 countries and to enjoy extended work-related stays in Paris, Budapest, Helsinki, Cairo, Bogotá, Moscow and Brussels. He speaks, besides English of course, French, Spanish, Russian and a fair smattering of Italian and German.

After returning to Canada, Mark Sydney was then hired by the Soviet Embassy in Ottawa for its press and publications department. When that position died with the collapse of the Soviet Union, he migrated to Costa Rica where he has resided ever since. From having owned an art gallery in San José, he has successfully worked (for the past dozen years or so) in the general travel, sportfishing and real estate businesses first including a custom Costa Rica Travel Service and now as an Associate of Americana Sportfishing, Fish Costa Rica and Americana Real Estate.