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Questionnaire on Medical Tourism in Costa Rica

What are the cost savings for medical tourists?

The cost savings in Costa Rica for medical tourists can be very substantial indeed. Often the same medical procedures in Costa Rica cost less than half than they do in the United States or elsewhere. For example, a knee replacement might cost up to and more than $50,000 in the United States, while in Costa Rica, the cost is usually under $20,000. Breast augmentation costs $5,000-$8,000 in the US, compared with $3,700-$4,000 in Costa Rica, Of course, some will pay a little more depending on the package they choose in consultation with the doctor here in Costa Rica and Americana WellCareCR. Among other factors in lowering costs are that Costa Rica does not impose tariffs on medical devices. Also, the cost of living is less expensive in Costa Rica so your dollar or Euro naturally goes further. Americana WellCareCR will help you save money without ever sacrificing quality.

Why is Costa Rica a better choice than other destinations?

Americana WellCareCR is committed to your safe surgery and successful recovery as the very first priority of Costa Rican medical tourism. Costa Rica has many board certified physicians to provide you with superior quality multidisciplinary care at extremely attractive rates. Many of Costa Rica’s highly qualified medical practitioners have pursued additional studies and hands-on training in the United States, Europe and other countries. Costa Rica’s three JCI (Joint Commission International) certified private hospitals — Colombia, for instance, has only one; Chile, two — such as Hospital Clínica Bíblica in San José, are among the best in the world.

Costa Rica is extremely accessible and its people are extremely friendly to visitors. You can reach Costa Rica within one day’s travel from virtually any spot in the United States or Canada. San José is a two-hour 40 minute direct flight from Miami; three hours 40 minutes from Houston; four hours 20 minutes from Atlanta; and five hours 25 minutes from either New York or Toronto, five-ten minutes more from Los Angeles. Prior to – and perhaps even after – your medical treatment here, you can enjoy world-class travel destinations such as the active Arenal Volcano, the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, the beaches of Manuel Antonio and Guanacaste, the Caribbean jungle lagoons and canals of Tortuguero and many other attractions.

Americana WellCareCR’s team is committed to your success. Costa Rica is an exotic paradise, but most important, it is safe and offers excellent medical and surgical care – the World Health Organization pointed out that Costa Rica has one of the top three health care systems in Latin America, and ranked it EVEN HIGHER than the U.S. and New Zealand. You can also enjoy your post-op stay in a tropical wellness retreat surrounded by volcanoes and rainforest greenery. Come to Costa Rica and see this wonderful and magical land.

What are the hospitals like in Costa Rica?

We reiterate: Americana WellcareCR WILL NOT send patients to small , non-accredited clinics that are unable to deal immediately with possible complications on the spot. Our preferred hospital for medical tourism in Costa Rica is Hospital Clínica Bíblica in San José, which was founded by American missionaries in 1929. It is a private hospital which offers without discrimination medical attention, quality care, integrity to medical principles and a commitment to community programs via social outreach services for Costa Rican and international patients. It is one of the three hospitals in Costa Rica accredited by the prestigious JCI, the world’s most important accrediting association. Hospital Clínica Bíblica is a modern specialty care center that provides superior quality medical procedures and patient care. Its quality services are combined in a truly state-of-the-art medical facility, dedicated to guaranteeing your safety, security and comfort. Hospital Clínica Bíblica is affiliated with Tulane University, Ochsner Health System (seven hospitals and over 35 health centers located throughout Southeast Louisiana), the Costa Rican National Soccer Federation, the National Medical University (UCIMED) and Costa Rica’s universal social security system.

Will I be able to speak to the doctor before going on my trip?

After preliminary contacts, Americana WellCareCR will put you directly in touch with the qualified medical specialist on our team offering the procedures and treatment you require. The doctor will be available for consultations via phone, e-mail and/or Skype to answer any question that you might have. Americana WellCareCR will help facilitate these consultations, including personal consultations in Costa Rica if you so desire, and will answer any other questions about medical tourism in Costa Rica.

How will I know where to go once I get to Costa Rica?

An English-speaking (or French-speaking, etc.) Americana WellCareCR or medical tourism representative will meet you at the arrivals gate of the San José airport and accompany you to wherever you are scheduled to go. In any case, before you arrive, you will have a complete itinerary mapped out and a full explanation of all the details, plus all our 24-hour contact information.

When will I be able to travel in Costa Rica after my procedure?

The doctor providing your medical treatment will do a complete assessment of your recovery and give you specific recommendations for your recuperative post-op follow-up stay. This can include various low stress activities as you recover. We definitely want you to enjoy the magical tourist attractions of beautiful Costa Rica, but naturally adventure eco-tourism activities such as white water rafting, waterfall rapelling and horseback riding are out of the question immediately after surgery. So, if you want exotic tropical adventure, think of coming to Costa Rica several days before your surgery so that Americana WellCareCR can schedule a series of exciting tourist activities. Immediately after surgery, you will probably be restricted to walking, low impact sight-seeing such as guided minivan tours, and rehabilitation activities.

Can I have more than one surgery/procedure during the same trip?

This is definitely possible but you will need to have a full discussion with, the agreement of and coordination among Americana WellCareCR’s acclaimed team of doctors. If you need a knee replaced and want a face lift during the same trip, Americana WellCareCR can assist you in your decision-making. Also, we can provide a comprehensive and complete physical at far less cost than in the United States.

I have been advised not to go overseas because of the high risks associated with surgery?

Surgery, wherever it is performed, has inherent risks and complications. Americana WellCareCR’s expert doctors will meticulously evaluate your status and determine whether you can be accepted as a patient. As indicated above, should you be accepted, the qualified medical personnel, medical facilities, post-op follow-up and all the other services offered by Americana WellCareCR in Costa Rica are equal to what is generally available in the United States, Canada and Europe. Americana WellCareCR is confident that it can provide the best treatment possible through its choice of the best doctor(s) and facilities.

I am concerned about traveling by myself?

You don’t have to travel by yourself. Our packages include provision for a companion, both at the hotel/recovery center during your pre-op and post-op stay, and at the hospital if you are required to stay overnight. Even if you do travel by yourself, you will never feel alone when you opt for Americana WellCareCR’s Costa Rican medical tourism options. You will have the constant attention of Americana WellCareCR’s experienced representatives, of the doctor providing your treatment and of the staff of Hospital Clínica Bíblica’s recovery center. If you wish, we can arrange for a private English-speaking nurse or companion at an additional fee to be entirely at your disposal during your pre-op and/or post-op stay, or any other assistance or concierge service you might desire. Don’t worry – Americana WellCareCR will have someone “hold your hand”.

How safe is Costa Rica and San José?

Americana WellCareCR associates Richard Krug (USA) and Mark Sydney (Canada) have lived in San José for the past 32 and 25 years respectively. The San José area is pretty safe during the day, but even so, please use reasonable safety precautions: for instance, if you are walking somewhere in the city and begin entering an area that makes you uncomfortable or unsure, make a 180-degree turn and walk back. Use common sense. Don’t bring or wear ostentatious jewelry or watches. Don’t walk alone at night, and keep your personal belongings as close as possible to you. Don’t let go of or put handbags or cameras on restaurant tables or the back of your seats, as snatch-and-run petty theft and pilfering are not uncommon.

What is your Privacy Policy?

Any personal information will be given ONLY to the doctor and hospital providing your medical treatment, and to your pre-op/post-op companion or nurse on a strict “need to know” basis. Americana WellCareCR is committed to your confidentiality. No details will be divulged unless necessary and with your permission.